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Seer Announces Broad Commercial Release of the Proteograph™ Product Suite and Launches Centers of Excellence Program

January 10, 2022

Company has already booked multiple orders and established COEs in three major geographies

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Jan. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Seer Inc. (NASDAQ: SEER), a life sciences company commercializing a disruptive new platform for proteomics, today announced Broad Commercial Release of its Proteograph Product Suite and the launch of its Centers of Excellence program. The Proteograph Product Suite provides unprecedented access to the proteome in an unbiased way, and at a scale comparable to what next-generation sequencing has provided in genomics. The solution leverages proprietary engineered nanoparticles to create a first-of-its-kind product that enables unbiased, deep, and rapid proteomics at scale. Seer has already received multiple Broad Release orders for the Proteograph Product Suite.

“At Seer, we are passionate about empowering our customers to decode the secrets of the proteome so that we can really begin to understand biology in a functional and dynamic way. We are seeing this firsthand with our Collaboration and Limited Release customers who have had access to our product over the course of the past year,” said Omid Farokhzad, CEO and Founder of Seer. “The Proteograph Product Suite enables researchers to survey the full dynamic range of the proteome with peptide-level resolution, a fully automated workflow and extremely high precision, which allows deep, unbiased proteomics studies at an unprecedented scale and speed. We are very excited to now offer this powerful technology broadly.”

Proteograph Product Suite

The Proteograph Product Suite includes Seer’s proprietary engineered nanoparticles, consumables, an automation instrument, and software that enables proteomics studies with an unprecedented combination of speed, scale, depth and breadth of data. Seer’s proprietary engineered nanoparticles deliver reproducible performance across samples, labs, and experiments. The process is fully automated, taking 7 hours, with only 30 minutes of hands-on time, greatly simplifying workflow and reducing the complexity of a traditional proteomics lab to a 96-well plate – where 16 samples can be run in parallel. The accompanying Proteograph Analysis Suite offers cloud-scalable software for proteomic data analysis, visualization, and generation of biological insights. The Proteograph Product Suite is detector agnostic and can be used with virtually any mass spectrometer, making it even easier to add unbiased, deep, rapid proteomics studies at scale to any lab.

Centers of Excellence Program

Seer has partnered with select leading service providers world-wide to accelerate the adoption of unbiased, deep proteomics at scale by making it easier for customers to access the value of the Proteograph Product Suite for their projects. Seer Centers of Excellence have been selected for their demonstrated expertise in proteomics and multi-omics, their ability to deliver the highest quality service, and their commitment to providing product and workflow feedback to help expand the ecosystem around the Proteograph Product Suite.

Seer Centers of Excellence are in various stages of commercializing their services using the Proteograph Product Suite, with providers in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific geographies, including:

  • Biodesix: a leading data-driven diagnostic solutions company
  • Discovery Life Sciences: a global leader in biomarker development and biospecimen solutions utilizing proteomic, genomic, cell, and immunohistochemistry (IHC) technologies
  • Evotec: a global platform company, leveraging its data-driven multimodality platform for both proprietary as well as partnered research
  • Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute: a state-of-the-art mass spectrometry-based proteomics services core
  • Soulbrain: a company creating a better world through healthcare innovation

Biodesix, the first to join the Centers of Excellence program, has leveraged the Proteograph in the development and validation of a deep, unbiased proteomics workflow. “Biodesix is proud to have been selected as the Seer Center of Excellence for biopharma services and commercialization,” said Paul Beresford, CBO, Biodesix. “We bring a wealth of knowledge with over 15 years of experience using proteomics within our own laboratory and are truly excited and ready to provide diagnostic solutions and access to the Seer platform for biopharma partners.”

More information on the Seer Centers of Excellence Program can be found at

Seer is now accepting orders for the Proteograph Product Suite and certain Centers of Excellence partners are also ready to support service projects. For more information, visit

About Seer

Seer is a life sciences company developing transformative products that open a new gateway to the proteome. Seer’s Proteograph™ Product Suite is an integrated solution that includes proprietary engineered nanoparticles, consumables, automation instrumentation and software to perform deep, unbiased proteomic analysis at scale in a matter of hours. Seer designed the Proteograph workflow to be efficient and easy to use, leveraging widely adopted laboratory instrumentation to provide a decentralized solution that can be incorporated by nearly any lab. Seer’s Proteograph Product Suite is for research use only and is not intended for diagnostic procedures. For more information, please visit

Forward-Looking Statements

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